SBM V995

Model: SBM V995
Data Sheet: Product Specifications
Certification: ISO 9000/9001 CE
For High Volume Workshops


Electronic wheel balancers designed to operate on truck, bus, car and motorcycle wheels thanks to the double rotation speed system automatically selected according to the type of wheel. Both equipped with a lift to easily centre the wheel and to lift up to 200 kg in weight. The wide range of programs available make these two wheel balancers the most complete of their category.

SBM V955 video wheel balancer with high definition TFT 17” monitor.

Large weight gauge surface, equipped with different compartments for weights, cones and clamp.

This gauge, included in the standard supply, allows to set the measurements exactly and to apply the adhesive weight in the most convenient position according to the rim used.

The lift is provided with a side grip which, aside from making it easier the centre on the flange, protects the operator should the wheel fall accidentally during positioning.

Technical information

Max wheel diameter: 1200 mm
Rim diameter: 10” – 20” | 6” – 40” inch
Wheel width: 550 mm
Max wheel weight: 200 kg
Electric motor: 1.4 Kw
Rotation per minute: 167 -100 rpm (50 Hz) | 200 -100 rpm (60 Hz)

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